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Now that you know about Repreve, it just makes sense to recycle more and more. Today, fewer than 30%* of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States.

* According to Napcor 2011 data

Give The Planet A Reprieve. Recycle More. We can’t do it alone. We need your help. What you do about recycling matters. Every person’s involvement matters. And every bottle counts. When you drop one bottle into the recycling bin, that’s one less in the landfill. Or on the landscape. Every bottle that gets turned into Repreve and made into a fleece jacket or a pair of khakis means a little less petroleum wasted. And a little less pollution.

Some Good Recycling Links earth911.com practicallygreen.com treehugger.com ways2gogreen.com thedailygreen.com kab.org campaignforrecycling.org letsrecycle.com plasticsmakeitpossible.com container-recycling.org napcor.com

Today, fewer than30%of plastic bottles
are recycled
in the

How can you help? Here are some things you can do to increase your own recycling… and your community’s:

Get a bigger recycling bin.
Some people stop recycling when the bin is full. When your bin gets topped off, get a bigger one. Or another one. If it’s from a service, demand enough bins to get the job done.
Recycle with a friend.
Campus recycling programs see big bumps in recycling by using social media reminders. So tell all your Friends, Acquaintances, and Followers that you recycle. Often. (And of course, don’t forget to mention Repreve.)
Ban bottles from the land.
Some communities and states have laws that ban bottles from landfills. (Yay!) Check your local community and get vocal!
Get a smaller trash can. In some communities, a smaller trash can seems to prompt people to recycle more, waste less. (It’s only logical.) See how small you can go!
Make something happen. Create an annual beautification and recycling event for your town-highway-sidewalk-campus-school-park-lakeside-beach-neighborhood. (Earth Day, anyone?) An event raises recycling awareness, and reclaims bottles that might otherwise stay with us forever.
One stream for all. Single-stream recycling collection (a “one bin” approach with no sorting) creates fewer barriers to recycling. Recycling is something we should all be able to do. Without thinking too hard.
Pay less for recycling, more for trash. Waste collection programs can be structured to encourage more recycling. Rewarding people who recycle more and waste less is one way. Why not present the idea to city council?
Curb your bottles. Curbside recycling definitely makes recycling easier. If your community doesn’t have curbside recycling (really?), find out who makes the decision and start talking.
Assume it’s recyclable. Let’s talk about the big picture. What if we no longer had a trash can? What if our default was recycling instead of trashing? Bet we’d recycle, compost, reuse, repurpose, restore, and rethink a whole lot more! (And yes, we’d toss a whole lot less.)

Repreve. It’s what’s in it.

Do you know what’s in the products you use every day? Repreve is the eco-friendly ingredient that’s showing up in a lot of products lately—because it contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles we all recycle. It’s what makes things better for the planet. So it’s time you learned more. (And share with a friend.)