In 2013, Elena Hight, professional snowboarder and Olympic contender, visited the Repreve Recycling Center.

For X Games Aspen 2013, Elena joined the Repreve team as brand ambassador. In her off-season, she visited our plant. The rest is her story:

“I’m really excited about working with Repreve because of what they’re all about. Repreve actually takes recycled water bottles and turns them into yarn, which is then used to create all sorts of different products such as t-shirts, beanies, car interiors, jeans, jackets, etc. You name it and the yarn produced from plastic water bottles can be used to make it.

“In my off season, I toured the Repreve factory and saw how the process works. It was amazing walking through a factory that has the ability to break down trash and turn it into something completely new… I hope my walk through the factory inspires you as much as it inspired me!”

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Repreve at X Games

As proud recycling partner of X Games Aspen 2013, we inspired millions of X Games fans to recycle more!

Elena Hight tours Repreve Recycling Center

See how green magic happens with our Repreve Ambassador.

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The last days of #summer are yours. @Volcom + skate park = #SweetRide. 7 bottles #recycled here. #HaveFun #RepreveRecycled.

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Repreve. It’s what’s in it.

Do you know what’s in the products you use every day? Repreve is the eco-friendly ingredient that’s showing up in a lot of products lately—because it contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles we all recycle. It’s what makes things better for the planet. So it’s time you learned more. (And share with a friend.)